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Hi John
I have just had 2 of the best days of my life. At first I was sitting there thinking what am I doing? I have owned my camera only hours and have no idea how to use it or where any functions are located not to mention my lack of knowledge in the photography field. Two days later I can understand and operate my camera manually with regard to aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. I now have strong direction in taking portraits, landscapes and macro images. This coupled with a basic understanding of Photoshop editing has given me a huge appetite for furthering my photography experience. I found John to be a patient, relaxed and thorough teacher, the environment was awesome and very relaxing. The classes are small enough to ensure we all got our individual help. The lunches were delicious. Thanks a million John. I LOVED it.
Vanessa Cherry

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Just a short email to say how much I enjoyed your photography course over the last 2 days. I have learned so much and only wish that I had done this course decades ago so that my photography would have been so much better. I can recommend the course to anyone truly interested in photography and don't mind you using my statement on your website. I found you to be a patient and sharing teacher, who's knowledge is based in practical experience and one who can quote examples to illustrate the various concepts of photography from your personal catalogue. This was a great help. I always learn from someone who can do it, is doing it and loves to share what they are doing.
Thanks again - my best to your wife for the great meals.
I hope to talk again with you soon.
Rob Conway

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Hi John

My apologies for the delay in replying to your email. Life gets a bit hectic sometime.

I am more than happy to provide some feedback on the tour. The trip was a wonderful experience and I do hope that you continue and that many more people have the opportunity to travel with you and Thatsanee.

I think that the tour was fantastic value for money. Every thing was included which made it very easy for us to travel. It was a very reasonable price given the amount of personal service we received from you and Thatsanee.

The photography tuition was wonderful. You are incredibly generous with your time and knowledge. Not only did you teach the skills of how to use my camera but you also passed on ideas to us about how to frame and look for a great photo. We certainly benefited from your vast experience as a photographer and it seemed that you were only too happy to pass on you trade secrets.

It was wonderful to have Thatsanee travelling with us. It was a great benefit to have someone with us who spoke the Thai language and had local knowledge. But more than that Thatsanee was caring and concerned about each of us and did everything she could to make sure each one of us enjoyed the trip.

The accommodation was great. Each of the 3 places we stayed were more than I had expected. My favourite was definitely the B&B in Chiang Mai but I also loved having the pool in the resort at Chiang Rai.

I enjoyed each of the activities and visits we made especially the Thai cooking class. It was a lot of fun.

Thankyou so much for a wonderful 10 days. I would recommend the tour to anyone. It was a very unique experience to have such fantastic hosts. You and Thatsanee make a fantastic team.


Mary Helena.

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Having spent just one day being tutored by local photographer John Harrison I was very excited to discover that he was planning a photography tour to Thailand during 2010. I registered without hesitation!

Through very informative emails and phone calls John was able to finalise arrangements and alleviate any fears about the worsening political climate in Thailand and we were able to commence our tour without having to change to plans or miss out.
The tour involved many of the usual activities associated with a trip to Thailand but with the added advantage of photography tutorials and “hands on” assistance readily available. Being able to share and discuss photos with both a dedicated, patient and knowledgeable tutor as well as an enthusiastic group of fellow amateurs was invaluable. John was a generous and willing tutor who gave us tips before, during and after our fascinating excursions. The trip well and truly lived up to the title “Colourful Thailand’.

John and Thatsanee ensured that the accommodation and mode of travel was always of a very high standard while still maintaining the authentic Thai feel. In fact I think they over delivered in this regard.

However the real highlight of the trip and one which cannot be found anywhere else was the luminous presence of John’s Thai born wife, Thatsanee. No request was too small for her to give her undivided attention to and you only had to ‘Think out loud” for your wish or need to be attended to. She was charming and accommodating at all times and her knowledge of Thai life and customs was shared with great joy. Combine this charm with John’s patience and you could not find two more wonderful tour leaders.
So if you love photography, Thai food , new experiences and trying out new cultures I highly recommend you look up the next trip organised by Harrison’s photography. You won’t be disappointed.

Margaret Harris

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Hi John,

We loved all our wedding photo's!  We were struggling to find our 'favorite ones' as they were all amazing.

Having grown up in Wollombi and the local Hunter Valley area it was very important to us to have someone who knew the area and who we could trust would get the best photo's of us and the beautiful Wollombi Valley in Autumn.

You were flexible and accommodating with our ideas and also offered great suggestions and help throughout the planning process. 

We can not thank you enough for your support and professionalism. You enabled us to enjoy our wedding day and finish with amazing pictures that we will continue to enjoy into our future.

We will recommend your services at every opportunity.

Thanks again,
Paula & Lachlan Stokoe

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Hi John and Thatsanee,
firstly, any of my photos that you feel are worthy, may be used as you so wish.
The trip to Thailand was a winner on so many fronts and  Thatsanee should be  listed as a National treasure.
Without doubt, her ability to communicate with the locals and her absolute desire to please all of us on the tour was much appreciated by everyone. Her gentle and caring nature making her an absolute delight to be around, and she went well and truly beyond her duties to cater for our every need.
Further, the assistance from Thatsanee's sister Noi, and brother-in law was terrific and local guide and driver Jack with his great local knowledge and very clean, comfortable van made the trip all the more enjoyable.
John was extremely "giving" of his photographic advice and the amount of individual tuition exceeded all expectations with his easy to understand, teaching style very acceptable to everyone.
Accommodation throughout the tour was first class and extremely comfortable.
All the attractions that we visited were most enjoyable, with the "Elephant Show" such an unforgetable experience, that it would be my highlight of the tour.
Every member of the tour was taking much better quality shots within a couple of days and by tour's end, all of us were taking great shots on a consistent basis.
I can give no better testimonial, than to say that should John and Thatsanee take a tour to southern Thailand, I will be the first to book!!
I recommend this Thailand Photo Tour unreservedly to anyone wanting to incorporate a great holiday with a photographic learning experiece.
Dave Kiernan
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 Hi John
 Just a short note to thank you for the fantastic course you ran last
 weekend. Having had to sit through many boring training courses over
 a number of years I found your approach, delivery and knowledge of
 the subject bring the subject matter come to life. Your easy going
 approach and willingness to answer questions and go the extra mile
 were much appreciated.
 You have helped me to better understand my camera and see the value I
can get from it if I apply the principles taught over the weekend. A
 special thanks to your wife for the beautiful meals she provided. All
 in all it was a great weekend and I have already recommended the
course to a woman i was standing next to in a coffee shop this
 I have attached a copy of my notes from the course and if you have
 the time I was wondering if you could check to see if they are
accurate. I know you are busy so if you don't have time that's fine.
 Doug Walsham
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